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  • 15/05/2018 - Timothy Swallow 0 Comments
    ​What is the Role of A Data Protection Officer for the​ ​EU General Data Protection Regulation

    Many companies that handle data of EU citizens or residentswill be subjected to meeting GDPR requirements, even if they are notlocated within the EU itself. Many of you may wonder what is the role of adata protection officer (DPO) under GDPR. The DPO has a formal role within an organisation, to ensureprocedures are followed which help the organisation to become GDPRcompliant. (For more detailed information regarding DPO trainingand GDPR training visit here for more details.)

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  • 7 Common Misconceptions About GDPR
    11/05/2018 0 Comments
    7 Common Misconceptions About GDPR

    The deadline for GDPR is coming closer and you might feel that your company is not (entirely) compliant yet. If this sounds familiar, then this is the right place to find out about common misconceptions and advice about how to get started.

    If you would like to find out more about our expert GDPR and DPO training, please click here for more details.

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  • Get Your Business GDPR Compliant In 72 Hours
    08/05/2018 0 Comments
    Get Your Business GDPR Compliant In 72 Hours!

    Cyber-fortress is here to assist small businesses, that’s why we are giving JUST 7,
    GDPR consultations (at 25% of cost)- to help your business become GDPR compliant within 72hrs from only £389 + VAT.

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